Hello. I am Terra and I want to say thank YOU for visiting my tiny little piece of the

The Blogger 🙂

virtual world. Here, I blog about various things that surrounds my life; from my love journey, marriage, becoming a step mom to real issues in the World today to current buzz (trending on the web).  The thing is I love writing! I have folders after folders of written things to journals stored in boxes. I was that child who read The Hobbit (entire series) decades before it became a movie hit. I enjoy reading a story and then going to see it on the Big Screen to see how close it matched up to the script. Ever since I can remember I have been more interested in researching the writers of a great movie or TV show; while others would talk about the actors and actresses; I would be accessing Google to look up the writers and more of their work.

I still love a good old book that I can turn the pages and fold the corner just a little over to save my spot. I have kept up with the times and enjoy all the kindles and electronic methods to read. In college I was always excited to work on a 15 to 20 page paper. Whether it is in my home office, in the kitchen to on the beach I always have something to write with. Poetry, short novels, opinions to grocery lists, I am going to write it down. It was such a natural thing to do and has always been a part of me; it was only recently that I decided to create a space to share.

I am a Veteran and reside in Virginia. I have traveled and lived in various countries for many years, allowing me to see things first hand and explore curiosities, confront many self ignorance and learn outside my initial boxed free thought. I am a MBA graduate with a minor in Marketing. I am a small business owner working as a Consultant in HR areas and Business, as well as a part-time Photographer. As I get older I find myself gravitating towards making time to do the things I truly enjoy . I am placing my passions as priority, maybe even taking a leap of faith; though I am unsure how this specific journey will continue; I am really enjoying doing the things that comes completely natural to me.

I married my Soul Mate last year 2018 in August and gained an awesome daughter in

My Soulmate (Moon) and my Gained Daughter (Uni)

addition. We are yin and yang (my hubby and I ) and our love journey has been one heck of a ride; that I would take 100 times over. We are borderline obsessed with Star Trek (Captain Kirk for the Hubby and Captain Picard for myself).


We have two dog kids named Sauda Melinda (Red Brindle) and Rocky Rico (Fawn).



In thinking about how I would set the site up; I decided that I didn’t want to pick just one topic; instead I wanted to be more open and expressive with specific topics that is part of my everyday world – some directly, some indirectly. I hope that one of the categories is something you can relate you or something you are intrigue to learn about.

As the site progresses and I can allot more time into this site, bear with me in the changes here and there.

Feel free to comment and share.

Take Care,

Terra Howard


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