Life of a Bonus Mom: How to handle Mother’s Day like a Boss!


Reserved tables at her favorite restaurant.

Maybe a home cooked meal.

Her favorite perfume, scarf, shoes or handbag.

From homemade gifts to expensive ones to any gestures in between, Mother’s Day is a very special day to celebrate Moms.

For a Bonus mom it is also a day you share; not just with all the other moms; but with the mother of your gained child. The idea is to share it regardless of the dynamics of the relationships; but to share the love in it with the child.

There are many different types of modern families; in which some are beautifully blended and share special days like this together. But some times you have to adapt. For my family my gained daughter Uni is with her mother on Mother’s Day and with us on Father’s Day. So for us we celebrate the weekend prior and sometimes the weekend afterwards depending on how the schedule goes.

My husband Eric always rocks Mother’s Day out for me, since our first year together when I was just a dog mom. He has always celebrated how I was a mom then to the mom I will be in the future. When we got married he took the time to help Uni (my gained daughter) in either making or buying me a Mother’s Day gift. When Uni is with us, I encourage and support in making or buying her mother a gift. I do this because it is such a simple gesture to show her my acceptance and encouragement of loving her mother at all times with no restrictions.

So I wanted to give you some gift ideas that you can do with your gained for their mother on Mother’s Day:

Homemade Mother Day Card

Homemade bracelet for wrist or ankle

Her favorite scent of candle or body spray

Custom tee shirt

DIY coffee mug

Decorated Picture Frame of them together

So Happy Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all my Beautiful Super Moms out there.

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