Dog Parents : Stand Up! Stand Proud! Claim your Fur Kids!

Yes, I said it and I mean it. I am unsure about you, but I have had on more than one occasion where random people have come for my fur kids. Oh, the many disbelief sighs of ” you do that for your dogs” to “ you treat those dogs like children“. Well here’s the thing: They are my children. They are my four-legged fur children. Which means just as you feel or treat your lovely kids, my lovely dogs get the same treatment.

What does this mean?

It means I care for them, I take them to the doctor when they are sick, I pay insurance for them, I make sure their dental and physical checkup are done. I buy them toys that they don’t need nor play with for a long time; because they rather entertain themselves with our shoes and trash. I bathe them, I give them their medicine and vitamins. When they are frightened, I let them jump on my lap and I pet them until they feel better. I have way too many pictures of them doing absolutely nothing extraordinary; yet I think it is Instagram worthy. I think they look better than any other dog in the entire world. They are house dogs, where they have the therapeutic bed to sleep on. I know their mannerism and can tell which one has done something wrong. I sing to them and fuss at them.

Sauda loves getting a bath at home while Rocky fights tooth and nails because he prefers the spa. Rocky is more of the hug you type who thinks his professional job is to be your shadow while Sauda is more aloof and can spend the whole day outside on the deck. Rocky only likes the deck if a human is present. Every morning Rocky knocks our bedroom door just to get a good morning and ” love you” while if Sauda knocks on the door with her paw she is in an emergency need of using the bathroom. Sauda eats any and everything and Rocky is the pickiest dog I have ever encounter.

They both makes me smile when I see them each day. I miss them when I out of town and yes, I will face-time just to see my lovies.

The silliest question I get is ” so you love them more than like actual kids?” I have even been asked ” so if there was a car about to hit your dog or a kid who would you push out the way?” to ” you would save the kid right because you can buy another dog”

Normally I will reply with ” who is the kid?” or ” my dog has four legs they are good“.

I never really answer it with any seriousness because that’s like saying ” if your kid was about to get hit and there was a dog there who would YOU save because you can get another kid right? ”

The point is why ask such a question. I get it is a messy way of letting me know you think I am over the top loving an animal . Got it!

Here’s my answer though : Myself and my dog would save that kid. That’s how we roll.

I do not think my dogs are my human kids, I think they are my dog kids. If you come for my dog kids I will be the biggest DOG MOM ever. I make no excuses.

I have numerous little cousins, god kids, and a newly gained daughter and I love them all. So how about you; the random dog hater person; stop trying to make me make a declaration of what I love the most. Apples and oranges if you ask me.

Whether you had crazy love for your cat, bird, turtle, horse, hamster, fish, pig to whatever you have cared for and gained a bond with; you better say it with your chest to all the naysayers: I love my animal and WHAT!

By the way I have ran across people who have love for inanimate objects like shoes, clothes, cars, homes, food, fame, money and much less things that can’t run and sit beside them when they are feeling ill or sad and not leave your side until they feel you are ok. It is ok. No judgement here. Just know we all have different things we love so let this Dog Mom love her dogs and kids and Husband and family.

If you have a small or big fur child post a picture of your lovies, it is okay to love them massively.

~Terra Howard

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