I got Married and overnight became “That Woman”

Prior to getting married I will have to say I was a tad bit judgmental to the “needy” women I encountered. The women who in my eyes were needy  because they always called their man; or everything their man did seem to be so important as if the guy moved a mountain.  Every conversation sooner or later included their magical man. I use to think “lady get over it”. Now I said this because being a woman who considers her a romantic and having been in love numerous times myself ; I never got to that “over the top-level” of infatuation. I started to  go to my inner Lady Olenna and think things like ” you acting like the guy poops roses” . By the way the Lady Olenna is for all my fellow Queen of Thrones viewers.  Bottom line I just summed it up to an overly zest of theatrical drama. Now this has been years of judging. I mean countless face making gestures like I was going to throw up to the slight eye roll. I was that person. I couldn’t understand. Nada!

Then I get married.

First lesson : Never say Never

Second Lesson: Judging is so silly and almost always comes back to bite you in your common sense behind. 

Now here I am with big puppy eyes and a ridiculously; yet still amazing smile;when my Husband takes the trash out or bring me a cup of hot coffee exactly how I like it when I have been working countless hours in the office. When he leaves for work I miss him, even if a few minutes earlier he has irked me by not placing the toilet seat down. I text him or call him for random love you’s or corny sexy one liners. I found myself saying “my husband of mines” to ” that husband of mines” to “my moon” . I mean I know his government name and have used it for the four years we have been together; with a mixture of nicknames here and there; but now he is ” husband“.

What I found more shocking to myself was that after we got married; this man became incredibly sexier to me. It literally happened overnight. It was the day after the wedding I woke up and glance at him and was like ” oh my“. Later as we passed each other I stared at him like it was the first time seeing him somewhere and all I could think of was ” how is it possible that I find him even more sexier than I have always found him” . I figured OK this will wear off right? Hasn’t to this day.  This husband of mines has become my “dreamy guy” my “ random sexual midday distraction” . The other day he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and I was just staring at him like a piece of meat, noticing his calves, back and arms . I told him I think it’s God gift to married people . He laughed and said ” what babe?” I told him ” I think he places this sensation on your heart, to make your partner be irresistible in your eyes” He chuckled again but went on to disclose he had notice how much more  sexier I had all of a sudden became to him.

Now don’t get me wrong I have lived with my guy for almost 4 years and we have been together coming up on 5 years ; so I know there’s no roses smell coming out of anywhere. He isn’t perfect.  We argue and fuss like old married couples on the silliest things. I say it countless times sometimes I don’t like him but man oh man I love this man. I guess it had to take the right man for me to get me to another level of inseparable love, and attachment.

So I am officially a part of ” that woman“.  I am going to talk about my husband, smile and blushed ever so slightly when he walks by and grab my butt. When talking about everyday things be prepared that there is a great chance something will remind me of my husband. His official name will be Husband, Hubby, Moon and Oh My. Yes I have settled right on in with daydreaming of my husband, MCM my husband and thinking of him when he is not with me. I have to say now that I am on the only side, and crazy in love with the love of my life, I have to admit – Man oh Man I was missing out, but now I’m home sweet home baby! 

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